winter, year 3
The Ice Age is over.

Thick ice and continuously falling snow blanket the entirety of Eternal, brought upon by Noc's wrath. Shelter is scarce, and food even scarcer. There is no climate or biome that was lucky enough to find themselves safe from the beginnings of the Ice Age and so the residents of Eternal must don their primal survival instincts and to just that ─ survive. Ice blockages have grown supernaturally between the islands, blocking Sunsteppe from Sol and Eventide from Noc, effectively trapping each islander on whichever island they currently stand. The Dragonfrost and dusk leopards from Gleamleaf and greater boreus deer from Mountainfade have seeped into all of Noc, Eventide's spectors and Sunsteppe's sculptors have overrun the central island, and the wolves, Ice Piskys, and Creeping Thistle have invaded all of Sol.
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10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

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12.6.18 The Ice Age is over, and the deities Helios, Aya and Imbris have been stripped of their powers - as the ice begins to recede, an explosion of stardust and cosmic matter descends from the vast and starlit sky, and with it, new magic ..

10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

10.4.18 Whatever unknown thing that invaded the southern territories in the middle of spring has snaked its icy fingers out and enveloped those remaining territories that everyone had believed (or hoped) to be safe. Wolves, Creeping Thistle, Pesky Piskys, Blackrock's river... Not even Sunsteppe is safe from the intrusion, though it appears -- at least for now -- that the Wreckage remains untouched. Perhaps it should be investigated?

9.17.18 Something isn't right. Eternal still refuses to warm, even as we progress through spring and near summer. The southernmost territories have begun to notice some changes: from Greater Boreus Deer in Mountainfade, to Dragonfrost in Gleamleaf; frozen sandstorms in Astraldune, and even icy wraiths in Eventide. What happened? And what can be done to return the islands to normal?

9.2.18 Springtime has come, but the frigid winter still remains, enveloping the three islands in ice, snow and brutal wind. There are no flowers, nor grass - no foliage at all. The animals are beginning to suffer, as they emerge from hibernation or birth their young, struggling to find sustenance. The air is thick with tension, as a wretched and unforgiving storm brews still in the distance - will Eternal find reprieve from the cold?

8.4.18 Round Three of the To Lands of Old quest has been posted! The remaining participants have one week to get their posts in. Good luck and have fun!

7.27.18 Astraldune is under new leadership! In the wake of Solomon's disappearance, Helios has placed Gryffen into leadership!

6.26.18 Helios has appeared in Sunsteppe! What could he be doing there?

6.19.18 With magic from Imbris, Totem has been gifted with a daughter of her own, molded from clay and infused with a piece of her own soul. Make sure to check out the thread here!

6.1.18: Welcome to Summer!

5.26.18: The Grotto has been unveiled! Imbris paid a visit to Nymphetamine in Prismacove and led him on an underwater adventure to the Grotto, effectively creating a new sub-board for the residents of Prismacove to explore!

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Old Enough
Lepus Constellation Physiology
[T1 - Intermediate]
Stardust Manipulation
[T2 - Intermediate]
Color Changing
Fairy Dust
[falls from mane, tail, coat]



Lell is buttercup yellow with eyes as gray as a raincloud. She is best described as beautiful but ridiculous which doesn’t really describe how she looks at all. If you mated a unicorn with a chincoteague pony, you’d get Lell without a horn.
Lell is silly. She could basically be defined as contrary. Both smart and stupid, kind and cruel. That’s Lell. Whims and moods dictate each other when it comes to how she acts.
Lell is a child’s dream. The kind that happens when you dream of crayon-bright ponies after your mother tucks you in tight. There is a whole herd of them and not only did each pony come in some kind of spiffy Crayola color, each of them had a unique trait about them. Only Lell’s sort of backfired. She could manipulate shooting stars but really had no control over them.

One night, she was trying to impress someone from the bright herd only her trait backfired like she’d known it would. Feelings were feelings though and it was hard not to try and look cool when shooting stars raced overhead. Only they started to rain down from the night sky too and they set the dream-forest on fire. From there, things snowballed out of control: the dream-meadow burned next and many of the ponies like her had burns across their bodies, and some were missing parts of their names and tails.

So Lell was cast out. Unfortunately upon entering the next world, she discovered that she could turn into fairy dust (all the crayon-ponies could because they were simply magical, being made up of dream and magic anyway) and travel that way in a shimmering cloud of buttercup yellow dust. However this trait was problematic for her too. It usually made her sneeze and sneezing activated the change from pony to dust and back again.

Now she finds herself falling through a tunnel of cloud that becomes water and the sea of Eternal is spitting her up on its shore. Since then, she has convinced Arcane, a mechanical horse, to hang out with her in Sunsteppe. Lell has met Bright though neither of them even know the name of the place they are in. Plus she has been getting high off lilacs and hitting on Solomon. Then in a surprising turn of events, she crossed paths with Totem which then left Lell sneezing and shedding fairy dust all the time now.

She still awaits a blessing from the gods of Eternal in the Summer of Year 2. Lell has not yet discovered her tier 3 ability of color changing. Expect her to freak out even more or go completely crazy over the fact that she can now change colors at will. Beware of a bubblegum pink pony on the loose!

Lell was finally blessed by none other than Helios himself! She received Lepus Constellation Physiology and has since discovered that she can shapeshift into any kind of hare or just parts of her at random. Usually she is seen sporting rabbit ears or a cottontail and by now has gained a wee bit more understanding of her color changing. Except the fairy dust that spills off still makes her sneeze a lot.

Lell has also made a commitment to Bright and has been a busy little bee preaching the gospel of Frostridge-turned-Mountainfade and how her own small slice of heaven exists inside it - her promised paradise.

Tier 1:

ABILITY NAME: Lepus Constellation Physiology
LEVEL: Intermediate
DESCRIPTION: Lepus is the constellation of a hare – south of the celestial equator, and constellation physiology is the ability to take on the attributes of the animal the constellation represents. This is the ability to shift into a hare of any type or color and possess enhanced senses ─ particularly hearing and smelling. They are extraordinarily fast in both equine and hare form..
OBTAINED: June 3, 2018 [Summer, Year 2] - Blessed by Helios.
NOTES: At this level, the user will find that migraines and nosebleeds are fewer and farther between, though they will still tire after extended use and require rest. The user will also be able to shapeshift their features into that of a hare – such as possessing a hare’s long or floppy ears, or a tufted tail, for extended periods of time. The user will have a good grasp on managing their enhanced senses at this level.

Tier 2:

ABILITY NAME: Stardust Manipulation
LEVEL: Intermediate
DESCRIPTION: The ability to create, shape, and manipulate stardust, mineral grains and particles of cosmic substances originating from or embody remnants of dead stars, nebula, and meteorites.
OBTAINED: August 27, 2018 [Winter, Year 2] - Acquired after winning To Lands of Old quest
NOTES: At the intermediate level, migraines and nosebleeds will be fewer and farther between with prolonged use but there is still a chance of overexertion. The user's control over stardust will now be stronger, so they will no longer need to strain to harness its power. At this level, the stardust can be used for attacks (blinding hot particles or stardust beam emissions), to create shields, and for general illumination. The user will find that this ability is stronger during the nighttime and is especially weak in Sol, though it is not unheard of for a stardust-manipulator with a lot of practice to utilize their powers in the daylight.

Tier 3:

ABILITY NAME: Color Changing
DESCRIPTION: The ability to change coat color to both natural and unnatural colors.
NOTES: This ability is awarded at the Advanced level. No additional upgrading is required.

Cosmetic Effects:


Immediate Family:

FULL SIBLINGS: Kalessin - older brother

Lovers & Kin:


Companionship & Rivalry:

COMPANION(S): Arcane, Bright, Helios, Estrella
ACQUAINTANCE(S): Solomon, Nikoline

Companion Animal:

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