winter, year 3
The Ice Age is over.

Thick ice and continuously falling snow blanket the entirety of Eternal, brought upon by Noc's wrath. Shelter is scarce, and food even scarcer. There is no climate or biome that was lucky enough to find themselves safe from the beginnings of the Ice Age and so the residents of Eternal must don their primal survival instincts and to just that ─ survive. Ice blockages have grown supernaturally between the islands, blocking Sunsteppe from Sol and Eventide from Noc, effectively trapping each islander on whichever island they currently stand. The Dragonfrost and dusk leopards from Gleamleaf and greater boreus deer from Mountainfade have seeped into all of Noc, Eventide's spectors and Sunsteppe's sculptors have overrun the central island, and the wolves, Ice Piskys, and Creeping Thistle have invaded all of Sol.
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10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

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12.6.18 The Ice Age is over, and the deities Helios, Aya and Imbris have been stripped of their powers - as the ice begins to recede, an explosion of stardust and cosmic matter descends from the vast and starlit sky, and with it, new magic ..

10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

10.4.18 Whatever unknown thing that invaded the southern territories in the middle of spring has snaked its icy fingers out and enveloped those remaining territories that everyone had believed (or hoped) to be safe. Wolves, Creeping Thistle, Pesky Piskys, Blackrock's river... Not even Sunsteppe is safe from the intrusion, though it appears -- at least for now -- that the Wreckage remains untouched. Perhaps it should be investigated?

9.17.18 Something isn't right. Eternal still refuses to warm, even as we progress through spring and near summer. The southernmost territories have begun to notice some changes: from Greater Boreus Deer in Mountainfade, to Dragonfrost in Gleamleaf; frozen sandstorms in Astraldune, and even icy wraiths in Eventide. What happened? And what can be done to return the islands to normal?

9.2.18 Springtime has come, but the frigid winter still remains, enveloping the three islands in ice, snow and brutal wind. There are no flowers, nor grass - no foliage at all. The animals are beginning to suffer, as they emerge from hibernation or birth their young, struggling to find sustenance. The air is thick with tension, as a wretched and unforgiving storm brews still in the distance - will Eternal find reprieve from the cold?

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Kraken Physiology
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Dragon Vision
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Dynamic Camouflage




Full, broad chested. He is a large and imposing creature standing nearly 18hh. Dusty silver, mottled steel grey. Thick, corded muscles. Athletic build, yet lithe. Hard angles, taut skin pulled across a large frame. Layers of sand cloak across his hips and shoulders, along with a thick briny layer of sea salt all over his body. Legs and are long and thick, only slightly feathered. They fade from the steel grey to a dirty, dull copper color. A bay - tinged with grey peppered hair. His body is spotted with grey and white barnacles that have rooted themselves into his skin, growing in clusters. He smells like sea and salt.His mane and tail are braided, and matted. Dry, wiry tendrils that are twisted and dreaded, fastened with leather cording and plaited with thick strands of kelp and seaweed. Earth toned beads keep the twists together,and his mane and tail are both pulled back in thick messy buns. A thickly woven crimson sash adorns his back, and there is a double layered leather ammunition belt wrapped around the widest part neck. A smaller belt is fastened above his elbow on his front left leg.


A large, square, copper head. Elongated and angular, its color is in sharp contrast to the mottled steel grey of his neck. His jaw is stubborn, set in in a straight line. The slope of his face is romanesque, and the bridge of his nose is wide. His ears are set further down on the sides of his head, and a large golden hooped earring twists in his ear - a gift from Imbris, to remind him of whom he belongs to. On his cheek is a large cluster of barnacles, ever a reminder of his affinity. His mouth is twisted, strong. His teeth are yellowed, slightly gnarled, but sharp. Drop incisors like fangs protrude from his black gums, and dip down blow his thick, cracked lips. There is evidence in his teeth that he is a meat eater - he has lost the taste for vegetation, which has since become to taste like ash in his mouth.


Light green eyes the shade of Peridot sit wide in the sides of his head, ever watchful. Ever skeptical. Darkened patches of green lay in his the outer rings of his pupils. Irises are black, deep, and colorless. His eyes are heavily lidded, and despite his eyes being so bright, there is a darkness about him. The whites of his eyes are lined with salt, and he is bloodshot… capillaries spidering cross his eyes in a flagrant angry display of someone who is constantly exposing themselves to briny water.


Grimdark is first and foremost a predator. He is quiet, speaks only when he needs to. He is a thinker, constantly in his own headspace. Everything about him and his abilities speaks to his ability to protect himself and those who are within his family. There is a light, and a good heart. But also a prevailing darkness. His kraken form is that of a large ten foot cephalopod with 8 tentacles and two longer tentacular clubs. He is a green grey color, with red markings on his mantle, and deep set lime green eyes that are backlit with bioluminescent bacteria that lives within his bloodstream. The Kraken has a quiet mind that only feeds his predatory instincts. He cannot be understood verbally, only in hisses and bubbles. Bioluminescent tips on the ends of his tentacles, as long as spots that ride down the sides of his head and down the rides of his tentacles…. And a ring of sharp teeth that drags his prey down to a razor sharp obsidian beak. He is large. He is dangerous. He lives for the black.

Grimdark raised himself. He learned to be aloof and quiet. Extremely distrustful of anyone at first glance. He has a twin sister he cannot stand, and a mother who resents him because of his unknown father. He was the demon who came slithering out from Ea’s loins, and being reminded of it put a darkness in him that Grimdark spent years trying to put behind him. He tried to stand out from the shadow, to rise above the darkness within. He was born balancing the light from the darkness… before he really knew what it meant. He never utilized his power, shying away from it instead, giving into the anxiety of inadequacy. When he gave up that power for the ocean, he learned that darkness that was deep within him was perhaps not so far away, and it is a struggle that he constantly deals with.

He suffers with a severe social anxiety - with both males and females. He also has an insecurity that is deeply hidden. It is something he does not talk about, ever, but it is very evident in the way he presents himself to those he comes across. Affirmation does not come easily to him. He is a bruised, broken individual. He broods, and his emotions get into his headspace and tarnish his relationships with others. And yet, despite this, he seems to attract attention to himself - from creatures of both the male and female persuasion. The man who deems himself unable to love, seems to be surrounded by it.

Grimdark is one to lean more towards instinct than higher forms of processed thought. He is a predator first and foremost and his very existence is based on protecting and preserving Gleamleaf, as well as its inhabitants. Sometimes this causes him to make quick, short sighted decisions that may seem brash and unfeeling. He is a leader he never wanted to be, but now that he finds himself in charge, he cannot see it happening any other way. He is the leader, and his authority will not be brooked upon. This draft stallion is strong, and leans on his strength and large personality to provoke fear in others. Everything he does is by the drive of his blood - his gut reaction.

There is a monster lurking deep within, and Grimdark can feel a shift in his personality to crave what is dark and dangerous within him. He strives to stay in the light for the sake of his family and children...but the monster lurking within the depths is very much real. Grimdark’s only real fear is that one day he will lose his grip entirely, and that the man he is will one day no longer be accessible to him...and that he will descend into the depths of the Abyss as the Kraken, and never re-emerge at the surface as Grimdark again.
-- THE BOY --

He was born. A fairly normal boy with what should have been a fairly normal upbringing. Whelped on a tropical island off the coast of Beqanna, in a land called Ischia, Grimdark and his twin sister Allure were were born to a queen who had gone mad with the grief of losing her lover. A dark magician named Deimos came to her in the night, and, convincing her that he was her long lost love Ramiel, forced himself upon her. Upon realizing her mistake, Ea took to Allure, casting Grimdark all but off her island, slinking back into her cave to mourn away the rest of her days. Grimdark left the island, heading for the mainland and primarily living off of clams and sea grass that grew near the saltwater delta. He lingered there for several years, entirely alone. He did not have social cues, nor did he know how to behave. Having brief encounters with women that proved fruitless, Grimdark swore off relations of any kind until he had turned 4. And then he came across a freckled ginger girl who was trying to re-invent herself. Vessel did not know herself or her mind outside her former herd and home, and Grimdark was much too arrogant to have a decent conversation with anyone. After coming into contact with her, and all but blowing her off, he follows the beaches and ends up in Nerine, the amazonian kingdom. Lead by a young Iron Queen, Isobell. Immediately he was entranced by her beauty and the way her scales caught sunlight, and reflected the moonlight. He fell in love instantly and they began a short affair in Nerine. All was well, until she felt pulled by magic to return to the side of the Kelpie she was bound to. A fight ensued, and Grimdark dipped deep inside himself for the first time to find that maybe there was a darkness in him - and maybe a hint of jealousy. He allows her to leave him, and then he begins cutting across the breadth of Beqanna, visiting all the kingdoms and leaders before returning to the quiet solitude of his river delta home. But he was forever changed. He had seen the world his mother had helped built, and found that there was no greater peace than the salt and sand that made up the beaches. Having grown up, Grimdark returns to Ischia to confront his mother, and perhaps make amends. Upon seeing her grave, and that Allure was nowhere to be found, he fell to his knees in absolute grief… knowing that there was nothing within him that could take back the childhood he should have had. And although he still resents his mother and sister - he also hates himself for the sins that were of his doing as well.


Upon discovering Ea’s grave, Grimdark gave a great howl and fell to the ground. The darkness within him surged forth, and the spirit of the island of Ischia - known for its magical ability to defend itself - placed a curse on Grimdark. To defend the island, to defend his mother in death… since he did not do so in life, Ischia used the monster inside Grimdark - the spirit of his father - to bring him to the fore, and made him a monster of the seas. He immediately was plunged into the hungry, black depths of the water below, being drug by the fingers of a riptide. He felt his bones being broken, shifting forcefully… pulling apart and and dissipating into nothingness. Grimdark screams, his eyes rolling back in his head with the pain, for sure that he was meeting his own death. When he did not, he opened his eyes, and breathed outward, and discovered his ability to take in water, and siphon it out of his body, using it for both breathing, and propulsion. The blood and the skin that flapped around, his broken bones re-configured themselves into the form of 8 webbed tentacles...prehensile in nature, seemingly having a mind of their own. He did not know to work his new appendages, and when he was hurled on the beach, coughing and spluttering, it was with a darkened sense of resolve, and black eyes. He craved flesh. He was hungry. Perpetually. Nothing he did slaked his thirst. Or his starving belly. Or his lust. Awakening a new depravity in him, he dove back into the darkened water, half horse, half tentacled monster - and disappeared there for two years, quietly defending Ischia…forgetting the taste of all vegetation.

-- THE KING --

Some time after Grimdark turned six, he reappeared a different creature. He had grown. He was more filled out. Older. Bearing barnacles and seasalt upon his hide, his mane and tail were messy and he had found that the sea had begun twisting it into dreads All manner of sea things had also gathered upon his hide, rooting barnacles into his skin, starfish and snails creeping in and out of his hair. His green eyes had a shadow to them, and his face was… grim. And, upon arriving at the river delta once again, had made a beeline for Nerine, to Isobell. He was hellbent on making her his. Having still loved her, he was determined to steal her away from the man she had bound herself to. Upon arriving, he finds out that she is off searching to rescue Vessel… the girl he had once before met in his youth. Irony, her destination was the island he had just come from. Grimdark was obsessed with her body and loved her. But along the way, conversation turns to relationships. An argument breaks out… and although both sea creatures are adept at swimming, when they make the beach at Ischia, a great storm emerges and both of them are swept away...into another dimension. They were the first two to break through the Veil into an empty world known as Eternal.

Grimdark finds that he is stripped of all power, finding that his curse is lifted. Only momentary peace, however, Grimdark and Isobell are greeted by Imbris, the goddess of water and the night. Her blessing turns them both into creatures of the deep, and turns Grimdark’s curse, into a blessing of pure power. A warm calm settles over him, and instantly, his allegiance to Imbris is firm and unconditional. His love for his deity drives him to her Island, named after her father, and he and Isobell take up residence in Gleamleaf. Finding it already inhabited by Haderus, an absurd fellow who is more bird than equine, Grimdark automatically takes him in - whether by a trick of the mind or not, he becomes Grimdark’s best friend - and they become a small family. Isobell is the great love of his life, and as the newly imposed Captain of Gleamleaf - a title bestowed upon him by Imbris when he visits the river to see her bathing in the waters, her leaving behind an earring for him to wear - he steps into a leadership role he had never wanted to carry. During this tme, he also meets and recruits Scylla to their home; an invisible monster who will carry more weight for him than he yet knows. And with Scylla and Haderus and Isobell, he learns to love the forest that reminds him so very much of his old home. He silently carries the guilt and grief that he had not been able to save his mother. But he would protect all the rest of them. He loved Isobell. He would keep her safe.

However, despite how much he loved the moonstone and obsidian beauty, his own insecurities got the better of him. He wanted to be her all. He wanted to love her for the rest of their immortal lives, taking on the sea and laying on the beaches. But when he demanded she put aside her former lover… and make him her prime focus…. She could not. Grimdark revolted and his mind went dark. Angry, he leaves her, returning to the central portion of Gleamleaf to find out almost immediately that a Leopard named Takhar has come to steal away the piebald kelpie woman, on behalf of his brother, who also happened to be a Kelpie. Angry, and embarrassed that he was neither enough to be wanted by Isobell, nor save her, Grimdark simply walks away, leaving them to take her back to Blackrock. Being handed such an embarrassing blow that he could not defend his home from intruders set something dark and ravenous off inside his head, and he brooded about it for months.

In the midst of this darkness, Aya released a love potion that Grimdark was all too ready to ingest, albeit unwillingly. He was swimming the length of the river… trying to get over his sour mood… when the love potion swept into his skin…within this cloud, Haderus drops down out of the trees, and Grimdark and Haderus couple together all night within the confines of the river. What results is a possessive grip on Grimdark’s heart… and the taboo relationships of best friends who have a different sort of romance. It is not something that plagues his heart. It is simple. It is pure. It simply is. Haderus offers to rid Grimdark of his memories of Isobell, and the Kraken finds that he’d rather be miserable and remember that he loved Isobell, than forget she’d ever existed. And so, he swims. A lot.Taking to the sea for days at a time.

On one of his trips to Sunsteppe, where he liked to hunt for Lemon Shark, a very familiar face washed up on the beaches… and immediately rocked his world. Grimdark was a broken and bitter man, but upon seeing Vessel, he was immediately transported back to being the youth who barely knew how to string two words together. Seeing that Vessel was terrified of the water, dripping wet and soggy, he takes her home to Gleamleaf, where she tells him the story of a creature very much like Grimdark… one who took her and tortured her beneath the depths. One who had almost killed her. His jaw set, he places her inside a protected grotto. She falls asleep, and Grimdark breaks away from her. The quiet, meek thing he remembered from Beqanna. Older than him, and yet not much more than a girl he used to know. His face set, he looks at Haderus, places him in charge of Gleamleaf, and he leaves.

He heads down into the depths of the water. In his anger, and hurt, he calls for Imbris, for a primal, arcane power to help him better protect his home from intruders… and to find a way to get over his hurt. To become whole again. His goddess, the largest part of his heart, sends him on a quest to find her heart, and when he is successful, he is given more power to protect the ocean, nd himself - being given the ability to generate poison and manipulate whirlpools. In addition to this, he is given a companion. A peacock mantis shrimp named Hoh-ohk. Someone, Imbris said, to keep him laughing, and keep him humble. The small creature is a pain in Grimdark’s hide, but he becomes the only source of light for Grimdark for the next six months, where he goes and finds himself in a cave…. Brooding in silence. He has left Gleamleaf under the stewardship of Haderus. He has left Vessel. He has left Isobell. Without anything, He grouses alone, until Hoh-Ohk forces him to see reason… and then he surges to the surface. On Eventide, He is approached by Isobell, who begs him to take her back… but too much time and hurt has passed for him to forgive easily. After an embittered introduction to Dante, Grimdark returns to Gleamleaf, and sees to his horror that in his absence, Haderus has stolen a blonde mare named Gypsy for himself…. Simply because he wanted to. Doing so puts Blackrock at odds with Gleamleaf, and Dante, Takhar, and Harrier come to retrieve Gypsy, who has been living without her memories within the confines of the bioluminescent jungle. When she is made aware of the crimes of Haddy, things almost come to blows, but mares are exchanged… and Gypsy is allowed to return to Blackrock with the promise that the two lands would come to a truce. Grimdark talks to Gypsy, who, despite her anger, obviously is still in love with Haderus. The latter refuses to stay away from her, to maintain peace with Blackrock, and Grimdark is forced to Banish him, even though it pains him to do so. After this, Grimdark goes to talk to Isobell, to try and get her to come home with him. She declines… electing to stay with Dante.

An angry Grimdark returns to Gleamleaf, and immediately finds himself with Vessel. The two have been talking since he has returned to the surface, and she has become a balm for his hurt. He finds that she makes him want to be better… and when he confesses to her about Isobell, but that he also cannot imagine his world without her, she confesses her love for him. All at once, Grimdark is once again - and not for the first time - transported back to when they first met, left wondering how Vessel had gotten underneath his skin. He takes her as his own, and, knowing that her fear of the water is still a tangible thing, wraps her up in his tentacles and they couple, drifting slowly and lazily down the river, back to the delta that they had once known… Not in the same place of course, similar enough to be special for them.

Months pass, and things are relatively quiet in the jungle. Grimdark is introduced to some unsettling, of the animals in his jungle, and he and Scylla travel to Astraldune to see the cause of it. There he is introduced to Diable Rouge, a male who will end up becoming leader of the Desert and an unwitting ally. Isobell returns to Gleamleaf, and after a short argument that ends in a battle challenge gone awry, Imbris interjects, stating that the two are terrible for each other and if they could not come to peace, that they were to be separated. Then Grim and Scy travel to Blackrock, where Scylla reunites with her daughter Harrier. A rather unwelcome Takhar causes Grimdark to leave almost immediately, citing that he cannot stand being in Blackrock longer than he has to be. Later, A lone spotted leopard is seen at the borders. Grimdark pounces on him, and he introduces himself as Kjartan, a leopard displaced from Astraldune seeking a home. Grimdark and Kjartan walk through the jungle… talking. When they arrive at the beach, the coming of the cold is evident when a tidal wave creates supernatural ice floes that block the beach, and sets loose a pack of large, blue grey and white ice cats that devour everything in their path. Gleamleaf is plunged into bitter cold and absolute darkness, and in place of the warmth and beauty, it is cold and dark. They run for the River Ford, joined mid way by Haderus’ well -timed return, when Grim realizes he has to go find Vessel. Finding her barely floating in the water, he dives in to find her, only to come up angry and hurt that she would put herself in danger. Even more so when he finds out that she has been keeping her pregnancy of their first baby a secret from him. They make their way back to the Ford, and have a meeting about what is going on in their home. Grimdark goes to recruit Asmoral and Samhain to their home to help gather food and run patrols. After the meeting, he speaks to her again, and their fight continues. She leaves him behind, broken. He is not given much time to dwell on it, however, as he goes on trip to the Wreckage - information given to him by Imbris, a goddess that he finds he loves dearly, though will never say it outloud - for food, and ends up stuck there when an angry Noc comes to lecture to his children, forcing and Ice Age that locks the islands and traps him in the Wreckage, unable to find Vessel. Unable to get home to Gleamleaf.

And that’s the story so far...What will happen next?

Tier 1:

ABILITY NAME: Kraken Physiology
LEVEL: Advanced
DESCRIPTION: This is the ability to transform into a kraken, a sea monster with multiple limbs, a beak (toothless), suction grip, and stronger than average strength, with a body measuring no longer than 10ft in length.
OBTAINED: January 13, 2018 [Spring, Year 1] Blessed by Imbris
ATTRIBUTES?: Aquatic Adaptation, Elasticity, Bioluminescence, Tidal Wave Generation, Poison Generation
NOTES: At the advanced level, Grimdark can shift and stay as a Kraken indefinitely, taking on all or parts of the physiology of a Kraken. He has the abilities of Aquatic Adaptation, Bioluminescence, Elasticity, Poison generation in the form or spores or barbs from his tentacles, and Tidal wave generation. His Kraken form is that of a large squid like cephalopod that is grey with red markings on the forefront of his mantle. He has bright green bioluminescent eyes, bioluminescent tips on the ends of his tentacles, as well as lining his mantle and the ribs of his arms.

Tier 2:

ABILITY NAME: Dragon Vision
LEVEL: Intermediate
DESCRIPTION: The user will be able to utilize the enhanced vision of a dragon. This includes tracking items at faster speeds than the normal eye, seeing farther distances, seeing more vibrant colors, seeing more clearly in the dark and infrared vision.
OBTAINED: June 3, 2018 [Summer, Year 2]; September 17, 2018 [Intermediate; Spring, Year 3] - Purchased
ATTRIBUTES?: Predator's Mindset
NOTES: At the intermediate level, the user will notice less fatigue. Migraines can still occur with overexertion, but they will be very infrequent. At this level, the user will be able to maintain the use of dragon vision for prolonged periods of time and will notice that his/her/their baseline vision will be much better than it was at the beginner level. Even without the express use of this ability, the user will be able to see double the distance of someone with impressive normal eyesight. The user will be able to track other living creatures with easy from great distances and will eventually develop a "predator's mindset", meaning that it will be easier to deduce where the user's prey is going, and how quickly they will be able to get there.

Tier 3:

ABILITY NAME: Dynamic Camouflage
DESCRIPTION: Also known as the Chameleon Effect. The user can visually blend into surroundings by blending in with the coloration and form of their background to avoid optical perception
NOTES: This ability is awarded at the Advanced level. No additional upgrading is required

Cosmetic Effects:

DESCRIPTION: Sharp Teeth in the form of drop fanged incisors, meant for defense, and general badassery.

Immediate Family:

Predator's Mindset
SIRE: Deimos
FULL SIBLINGS: Allure (twin)
PATERNAL SIBLINGS: Lazuli [f - x Defective] Furor [m - x Defective] Constantine [m - x Prague] Tourniquet [f - x Painstaken] Ciro [m - x Painstaken] Kronos [m - x Pajaro] Shea [f - x Switchblade] Harmonia [f - x Myasenthia] Eris [f - x Myasenthia] Caedmon [m - x Purple Haze] Calandra [f - x Sin] Joshua [m - x Sin] Sylfka [f - x Sin] McKinley [m - x Sin] Bashir [m - x Pythia] Static [m - x Pythia] Ashling [f - x Eponine] Tovus [m - x Antarda] Nightwish [f - x Transience] Dabih [m - x Abel] Karayan [f - x Abel] Fintan [m - x Abel] Tantara [m - x Aello] Feronia [f - x Magickal] Trelos [m - x Calandra] City's Cry [f - x City of Angels] Glimmer [f - x Enigma] Phobos [m - x Hecate] Andromache [f - x Nyx (Beqanna)] Laeren [f - x Lone Wish] Rynn [f - x Ophelia] Rhiah [f - x Orchid] Aigre [m - x Starlite] Carnevale [f - x Magdala] Analiq [f - x Moonlitdance] Almaith [f - x Bellona] Chadwick [m - x Reagan] Luthien [f - x Undignified] Leda [f - x Gratis] Blough [m - Ashley] Asphodel [f - x Rea] Irae [m - x Ilumina] Carcinogen [m - x Regina] Maziyar [m - x Choke Chain] Arke [f - x Choke Chain] Hump [m - x Pump] Blow [f - x Pump] Kyllian [m - x Rumrunner] Anamnesis [m - x Ephesus] Chevette [f - x Verily] Castamere [m - x Brook] Ruskova [f - x Maye] Hellscream [f - x Changeling] Wraith [f - x Changeling] Wrena [f - x City] Phaedrus [m - x Felidae] Arcane [m - x Quark] Drako [m - x Syl] Galilos [f - x Galilee] Paper [f - x Winzy] Stardust [f - x Lirren] Morrison [m - x Dacia] Corisande [f - x Dacia] Venom [f - x Kirke] Virus [f - x Kirke] Wicked [m - x Kirke] Vertebrae [f - x Sinew] Ell [m - x Quinn] Pandosia [f - x Eila] Kaiode [m - x Karaugh] Kaurma [f - x Karaugh] Acheron [m - x Asterisque] Dayne [m - x Asterisque] Anabel [f - x Asterisque] Deathwish [f - x Ecco] Romulus [m - x Zendaya] Abaccus [m - x Ithaca] Malphas [m - x Thana] Thackary [m - x Ash] Yrden [m - x Yilvina]
MATERNAL SIBLINGS: Sela [f - x Ramiel] Kha [m - x Ramiel] Sabrael [m - x Ramiel]

Lovers & Kin:

LOVER(S): Vessel
ROMANTIC INTEREST(S): Vessel, Scylla, Kjartan, Haderus
EX-LOVER(S): Isobell
Thorne [m, x Vessel]

Companionship & Rivalry:

COMPANION(S): Haderus, Scylla, Kjartan, Dante
ACQUAINTANCE(S): Dante, Takhar, Gypsy, Harrier, Tai-aith, Diable Rouge, Delphine, Dahmer, Asmoral
RIVAL(S): Takhar, Diable Rouge

Companion Animal:

NAME: Hoh-ohk
SPECIES: Peacock Mantis Shrimp
DESCRIPTION: The companion animal was obtained during Grimdark's quest to find the heart of Imbris, his goal to gain more power to try and gain clairity as to why he was not enough for Isobell - little did he know how much power he would recieve in return, or how much of a pain in the ass Hoh-Ohk would become. But he loves his shrimp companion, and though the shrimp is an ornery soul, he feels the same about his Kraken companion.
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