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Coolest Bad Guy You Know

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Abstang Hybrid
Death Embodiment
[T1 - Beginner]



Cremello Abstang hybrid with glowing red eyes passed down through his father's side and vampire fangs. On the smaller side at 14.3 but that's never seem to matter. What he lacks in height he makes up for in stealth and cunning. Besides, he's still packing down there and that's what really impresses the ladies after all. 90% attracted to women, 10% open to whatever. Gryffen is lean and lithe, a few scars marking his body and some strange ones crisscrossed on his backside. Always a little on the unkempt and grungy side, his mane and tail usually tangled and matted.
Psycopath. Manipulative. Charismatic. Selfish. Narcissist. Murderer. Rapist. Scientist. Madman.
Whatever Gryffen wants, Gryffen gets

Previous Titles of Beqanna
Prince of the Chamber (2008)
Warmonger (Head of the Military) & Shadowmaker of the Chamber (2012)
Lieutenant of the Chamber (2015)
Chamber Master of Whispers (2015)
King of Taiga (July 2017-July 2017)
King of Sylva (Sept 2017-Nov 2017)

Other BQ Accomplishments:
Alliance Contender (2012)
Murderer of Dera (2012)
Accomplice in the Murder of Stricken for scientific experiments (2015)
Hosted 1st Bacchanalia in Sylva (Oct 2017)

Eternal Accomplishments:
Showed up (June 2018)
Blessed by Imbris with new baby when giving Thana the snoo snoo(June 2018)
Helios gifts Gryffen with Astraldune (July 2018)
Thread of the Year Winner (Year 2)
Claims Prismacove (December 2018)
Gains Death Embodiment Beginner Level (December 2018)
Gryffen was one of two love children born of Cross and Kennedy. Gryffen was born wrong his mother said. Sadistic at birth, Kennedy loved her son but he despised her. Despite his wickedness, being a Prince of the Chamber shielded him from much harm. However when he grew older, he raped his mother just to prove the point that she was weak. That he hated her. He was exiled from the Chamber and disappeared.

He returned to the Chamber after Kennedy's death and proved himself Adept in the art of War. He fought in the alliance and raised in both ranks quickly, proving himself an asset to the dark cause. He helped run and create the slave pens which began his love for cruel scientific experiments.

He disappeared and returned to the Chamber during the reign of Straia. Here he fully began to exercise his power. He collected broken and dangerous beings, using them and exploiting them for personal gain. Straia brought him Cellar who had poisonous skin and he forced her to murder Stricken just to see what would happen. Gryffen gained wings and immortality as well as the title of Master of Whispers as he caused more chaos in the Chamber's name. He egged the war with the Gates, helping to burn the Mother Tree and capturing their Queen Fiasko. He raped the Queen on the way back to the Chamber which resulted in Zayn.

While he was causing havoc in the kingdoms, he also took over a herd in Mourning Mountains where he used and abused woman in his "harem". Minette suffered the most at his hands to the point where he even brought her to Carnage to be tortured.

Before the War fully took off, he faded back in the shadows. Waiting for when he would be needed again.

He's returned recently. After murdering a fairy at Beqanna's 16th birthday party, he was stripped of his magic as everyone else's was returned. However he plots, hoping to make BQ chaotic once more. After meeting Harmonia she showed him a vision of a wooded land that he would claim as his own. Shortly after, he challenged and won Taiga and instantly went to work making it into the dark kingdom of his nightmares.

Ruan did not take his captivity or sacking well and tried to conspire taking Taiga back. Beqanna became displeased with their destructive measures for controlling the kingdom and sank Taiga into the sea. Carnage (mocking Ruan and his wolves) made magma wolves to guard the land from anyone coming back. Gryffen and his followers fled the drowning kingdom back to the forest. He made a pact with Circy (who was angry with what happened and at Ruan) for revenge. Shortly after, they raided Sylva and took it as their own. Djinni had left the kingdom and it was mostly empty when they took it, only a few stragglers fought back and either escaped or were captured.

He ruled Sylva with a violent and firm grip, expanding his reach and plotting his next stage of destructions. Some of them including taunting the pathetic weak queen of Loess, throwing an autumn bacchanalli sex orgy, and over all disrupting as many lives as possible.

But even though he was quite good at ruling, he quickly grew bored and one day simply left Sylva and then Beqanna entirerly. Why stay somewhere he wasn't appreciated?


Eternal (Current):
Reunited with Thana at the Statue and during their coupling, Imbris blessed him with Beginner Skeleton Physiology (losing Love Illusionism).... and a baby.
Not long after, met Helios and showed him his darkest desire. Helios then granted him as keeper of Astraldune with the promise of turning the land into his own if he was successful.

Tier 1:

ABILITY NAME: Death Embodiment
LEVEL: Beginner
DESCRIPTION: This is the ability to become the embodiment of death itself. The user will be able to see how others will die, kill others, collect their souls when they die, and take their souls to the afterlife. They could also bring about the apocalypse..
OBTAINED: December 5, 2018 [Winter Year 3] OTY swapped
NOTES: At the beginner level, the user will fatigue greatly after prolonged use and will fall subject to migraines and nosebleeds if overexerted. Users at this level will be able to see the deaths of others, whether in the near or far future, and can be present when they die to collect their soul. With each collected soul, the user will find that they begin to emit a dark, shadowy aura.

Tier 2:


Tier 3:


Cosmetic Effects:


Immediate Family:

SIRE: No Crosses Count
DAM: Kennedy (BQ)

Lovers & Kin:

LOVER(S): Thana
Dante (x Thana)
Harrier (x Scylla)
Kingpin (Krone)
Azura (x Thana)
and a thousand more long forgotten

Companionship & Rivalry:

RIVAL(S): Everyone

Companion Animal:

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