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Mustang Something
Animal Manipulation
Ursine Physiology (Polar)
[T2 - Intermediate]
Frozen Heart
[will melt if in love with self or others]



Flaxen chestnut, brown eye with gold flecks like his father's. His build is lithe and tawny, his actually breed a hybrid of many things but closest to a Mustang mix breed. Missing his right eye with three large claw marks over it from a polar bear. The Urse Major constellation branded on his right flank. One testicle thanks to the whims of a Dark God who also took his heart, an X scarred over the spot where it use to be.

Carnage gifted him with the curse of Polar Bear shifting. In bear form, he is huge with shaggy white fur and large dangerous claws. His right eye is still missing when he shifts but his scars and brand are hidden beneath the dense mound of warm fur.
Tortured soul. Affected greatly by his traumatic childhood, time spent in Carnage's evil grasp, and his heartbreak over Ellyse. He wants to be good and he wants to love and be loved badly, more so then anything in the world. However, he holds a fiery anger within him and since he never knows how to control it properly, he tends to be his own worst enemy. The truth is that he doesn't really know what true love is or what it's even suppose to feel like and he's truly frightened that he's unlovable anyways. So he tends to sabotage anything good anyways, thinking that the worst is always around the bend.
BQ History: When Raaquel gave birth to Ledger on the beach, she was instantly killed by Chernobyl. Chernobyl kidnapped Ledger and left him to be raised in the dale by his mother, Liberette. He grew up knowing the truth of his parentage but unable to tell anyone because Chernobyl had threatened to kill him.

When Chernobyl died, he was finally able to seek out his father Magnus and tell him what had happened to him and his mother. He moved into the Gates and was starting to build a bond with Magnus when Magnus and Joelle were killed by Trashlip.

He remained in the Gates as he tried to sort out the injustice of his life. He's a loner, kind, and longs for a sense of true family. Eventually Magnus returned from the dead and he tried to mend the broken bridge between them once more.

One day Carnage drew him into his lair and tortured him among many others. During his torture he saw visions of his father telling him how much he despised him which ended with Ledger killing him. Carnage also killed him with an icicle to the heart, brought him back as an ice wraith to fight a polar bear which ended up taking his right eye out with his claws and almost killing him again. Carnage returned him to normal (minus the eye) and branded him with an Ursa Major Constellation carved into his flank. Finally he was forced to kill his future self by ripping out his own heart in order to escape. For everything he had endured, Carnage left him with the ability to shift into a polar bear.

Beaten, bloody, and mentally unstable he returned to the Gates, unsure of what was reality. Magnus tried to take him to Atrox to learn how to control his new powers but instead he disappeared. Years passed and then he returned. Not long after coming back, he met Ellyse in the meadow. Ellyse was recovering from having her heart broken by Magnus and Ledger was still dealing with the new rage within him. One thing led to another and they ended up making love. Ledger moved to Tephra not long after but discovered Ellyse was pregnant with Dahmer's child. This upset him greatly and they briefly fell out. Eventually they both confessed their love for each other and conceived twins

Everything seemed fine once the children were born until the day Carnage decided to collect some new playthings. Ledger was dragged back to the cavern but this time he knew the other captives. Dahmer and Ellyse were also caught by the Dark God... Together. Carnage made sure that Ledger knew this and his heart was broken by Ellyse's betrayal. He went from wanting to saving her to hating her. Carnage branded an X over the spot where his heart would be and sent him through a desert wasteland. Battling a sand serpent and then a figment of Ellyse, he was already starting to break by the time he reached the oasis. Dahmer and Ellyse arrived there also, bleeding and weary but not once reaching to him. Instead reaching to each other. He instantly hardened himself to her, allowing Carnage's tricks to lure him down the Oasis into a land that could never be. He got a chance to re do the fateful night of his birth. He lived a wonderful life filled with love and family, all the things he desired most. Adaline (the girl of glass he had met years and years ago) became the love of his life. Of course the utopia crumbled with her death, his family's death, and it was too much to bare. He came to in the cell again, one testicle less then he had left, and it all became too much. Broken in spirt and mind, Carnage finally had his fill. He took what he had always wanted to claim (his heart) and left a glass one in it's place.

With his madness and hardened heart in place, he returned to Tephra. Ellyse has spurned him for Dahmer, his children feared him, he was lost once more. With the only sane thought in his mind of getting his heart back to make her love him again, he sought help from Gryffen and Thana. Carnage had requested another's heart in exchange. They just so happened to have one and gave it to him.. With the promise of extracting something in return at a later date. But he never made it back to the Mountain and disappeared from BQ completely.
Eternal History: Blessed by Helios with keeping Polar Bear Shifting [Intermediate]. Helios also took the heart that Gryffen and Thana had given him to exchange with Carnage and gave Ledger a Frozen heart instead with only a dull and subtle beat to be heard in his chest. The frozen heart will not prevent him from feeling his emotional trauma, but it will dull the ache. The ice encasing his heart can and will melt, but only when Ledger has found peace. Year by year, if Ledger does not find peace within himself or love in another, his heart will solidify into stone, until it splinters into nothingness and takes his life with it.

In his madness he stumbled into Delphine at the Statue who tried to soothe his broken self with her kindness. Helios blessed them both together and perhaps intentionally entwined their paths together. His madness left him but his pain and anger remained.

With his never-ending bad luck, Gryffen found him and decided it was time to pay up to his debt. He followed him to Astraldune where Gryffen managed to take over but didn't hold on to for long once the Ice Age hit. Once the Ice Age was over, after biding his time, he left before Gryffen could find him... Knowing his debt had yet to be paid.

Tier 1:

ABILITY NAME: Animal Manipulation
LEVEL: Beginner
DESCRIPTION: The user can control animals, they can set stampedes onto attackers and, get animals to fetch things. Users may be able to call forth hordes of rats or insects to wipe out a crop, or to encourage bees to replant it. Advanced users have an easier time with larger animals, and can potentially control animal shifters, too..
OBTAINED: December 5, 2018 [Winter Year 3] OTY

Tier 2:

ABILITY NAME: Ursine Physiology
LEVEL: Intermediate
DESCRIPTION: Ursine physiology is the ability to mimic and transform into a bear.
OBTAINED: July 29th, 2018 [Autumn, Year 2] - Blessed by Helios
NOTES: At the intermediate level, he will only experience mild fatigue when shifting. Migraines can occur with overexertion, but they will be very infrequent. His shifted form can now last for extended periods of time (however, he cannot remain shifted indefinitely) and he will experience the full effect of the enhanced senses of a bear (sense of smell and hearing), and he is capable of shifting parts of his body (paws, teeth) to match that of his bear counterpart.

Tier 3:


Cosmetic Effects:

ABILITY NAME: Frozen Heart
DESCRIPTION: A frozen heart encased in ice replaces the one he once had long ago. The frozen heart is will not prevent him from feeling his emotional trauma, but it will dull the ache. The ice encasing his heart can and will melt, but only when Ledger has found peace within himself or love with another. Year by year, if Ledger does not find peace within himself or love in another, his heart will solidify into stone, until it splinters into nothingness and takes his life with it.

Immediate Family:

SIRE: Magnus (BQ)
DAM: Raaquel (BQ)
PATERNAL SIBLINGS: Cannan (x Ellyse)


Lovers & Kin:

EX-LOVER(S): Ellyse
Joplin & Joaquin (x Ellyse)

Companionship & Rivalry:

RIVAL(S): Dahmer

Companion Animal:

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