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the skald

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Edda is small and stocky. Unassuming, really, in every way. Once, perhaps, her eyes might have been a rather ordinary brown—or a charming hazel—now they are a pallid, clear blue, the irises faded and cloudy. She cannot remember a time when she could use them on their own accord, rather than relying on tricks and gifts from her gods to get glimpses of the world around her.

And the world as it was.

She is a true white, with pink skin peeking through where her coat is thinner—her muzzle, around her eyes, between her thighs, the front of her chest and her belly. Where the flesh shows through, there are spatterings of dark brown freckles, varying in size.

She spends the vast majority of her time on the road, as such, Edda is often a little ragged and wild looking—the odd handful of leaves sticking from her upright mane and long forelock; the overgrown lengths of her thick tail often muddied and stringy.

Edda's most notable features are the runic markings on the left side of her neck. They translate into "saga", branded by her gods when she as charged with her task.
Edda is quiet and contemplative; distant and, yet, always seeming to seek intimacy. Stripped of any prior memories—any prior personality—Edda has lived the majority of her life (all her life, as far as she knows) devoted to her task, to her history and to her gods. As such, she is often unsure around others, this is not helped by her blindness, though she is generally comfortable in her own darkness, having known nothing but it.

There are glimpses of her former self in the skald, now and then, for not even her gods can completely cleanse a soul of its aspect—she was bright, once. Playful and outgoing. She might have been a carefree woman, had the weight of a thousand years not been placed on her shoulders and in her mind.

Edda is, however, fascinated by history and by stories—though she has passed through the veil, stripped of her ability to connect to the past, she still seeks out heroes, villains; mortals and immortals to listen to. As such, she enjoys conversation for the knots that can be untangled in it.
Edda does not remember her past.

A skald never does.

But I do.

Edda was born—low-born, at that—to a mother and to a father. She does not remember their names. She does not remember their faces. She does not even remember they exist. But they did.

They do.

Ake, I can tell you, was her father. (I can tell you, too, that Ake is dead—old age and heartache will do that to a man.) Ake was a soldier in his youth—a raider, one of his jarl's best—but when his back became sore and his body battle-broke, he settled down to tend his homestead.

Tove. Tove is Edda's mother. She is not dead, I can assure you, though her mind is troubled now by the loss of her family—those kinds of demons are not easily assuaged. (Tove's is not a happy story, but I'm afraid to say, stories are rarely ever happy.) She was beautiful, in her own youth—fair-haired; green-eyed; shapely and sensual—a godly woman attracted to Ake for his prowess—the way he came back shining and dripping in spoils.

Ake, Tove and then, Edda. And it was good.

But stories, as I have told you, are rarely ever happy. And gods, I will tell you now, rarely ever care. It is what it is—and Edda is the skald. That was decided for her eons ago—perhaps never decided, but known. A truth. A thing that cannot be budged, not from time nor space. (It is what it is.) So when her predecessor died, becoming another footnote in that well-guarded saga, the gods came for her.

When gods come for your daughter, you do not protest.

They (five brothers and sisters) whisked her away to Mount Hefja, where they branded her, screaming and crying, with her runic scars—pain, you see, is often a vital part of ritual. Then, they blinded her—payment exacted for the honor; stripped of the burdens of the present.

Then, they emptied her, spilled her contents over the edge of the mountain and left her blank. Stripped of the burdens of the past.

They filled her, too, with the knowledge accumulated by the thousands of skalds that came before her—all the tales and mythologies they had gleaned on their own long and lonely roads. They filled her with gifts—the ability to smell out history—to chase it like a hound does a fox, endlessly and hungrily. They gave her the ability to slip through the folds of time—to see what those heroes saw; to live, in a ghostly and distant way, their wars and their accords.

She wandered for years across the borders drawn hastily and bloodily, joined now and then by a winged friend sent by the gods to help her on her path.

What the gods did not know—what they did not forsee—is what happens when a skald wanders too far...

Edda first wandered from the light of the Five, chasing the whiff of some hallowed hero's tale, the pull so powerful, she did not realize until it was too late that she has all but severed the ties between her and the old gods. Through a strange, labyrinthian forest she wandered, calling for her companion raven Grim, whom she had lost somewhere along the way between worlds. This forest was meant to consume, as carnivorous as many, and if it were not for a dark, scarred man meeting her and helping her find her way out, she might have perished then and there. Calyndar. Sightless though she was, Edda felt a goodness in him that perhaps even he did not know was there.

That was the Caelestial Passage, and into the land of Caeleste Calyndar showed her and for a few years, where she wandered, sightless and aimless, wandered so very far from her Path. Whilst there, she met darkness, was drawn from until she began to suspect her gods powerless, a question that still plagues her to this day.

One day, while tucked away in a safe place to sleep, Edda dreamed of her dear friend Grim, cast against a grey mist. The very next day, she awoke, finding Calyndar, and expression her decision to pass, ponce again, through the Passage, for she knew where Grim was.

Tier 1:

ABILITY NAME: Retrocognition
LEVEL: Beginner
DESCRIPTION: This is the ability to discern the past or past events using various means ─ usually entering a trance while seeing and hearing a noted past event, whether it be concerning themselves or another. These visions and trances can be both controlled and spontaneous, depending on the user's level and the strength of the emotion attached to the past event..
OBTAINED: August 13, 2018 [Winter, Year 2] - Blessed by Imbris
NOTES: At the beginner level, the user will be able to see their own past in intense detail, sometimes even including the memories pertaining to the user of those very important to them. These visions of others' memories will undoubtedly be flawed and lack clarity. The user will only be able to delve so far until they will become overwhelmed. Headaches and fainting will occur if pushed too far. At this level, the user must be touching the individual whose past they would like to see.

Tier 2:


Tier 3:


Cosmetic Effects:


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Lovers & Kin:


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Companion Animal:

NAME: Grímmundr
SPECIES: Three-eyed common raven (Corvus corax)
DESCRIPTION: Given to Edda many years ago as a gift from the Five for her services. Grim has three eyes - two regular, black eyes and one set in the center of his forehead. This third eye is milky-blue, like Edda's eyes, and through it, Edda can see the world. The further away Grim gets, the foggier her vision until she can see no more.
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