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A burly looking man, who's mass seems to have diminished with age. Deep, chocolate eyes have hidden scars while his body has visible ones.

A midnight black coat is no longer as menacing as before, age having caught up and causing grey to appear. His mane is unruly and tangled, adorned with trinkets from companions long gone, while his tail is trimmed short to keep it from getting caught on anything.

Once an intimidating and hardened man, but now worn and weary. He carries the scars of his sins over the front of his body. Still, none are as notable as two that run parallel under his left eye.
Currently a higher chance of episodes occurring due to drastic change of environment and setting.


Riddled by inner demons and memories, Calyndar is unassuming in his looks and behavior. Once upon a time he would take the lead without question, but now he hesitates. Insecurities wreak havoc inside his mind and cause him to question everything he does.

An unintrusive man, he knows only the life of a loner and so is distant as a result. He has issues co-existing with others in groups, but not because of who he is as an individual, but simply because he does not know how. Intimate bonds confuse him, and are something he has always struggled with. Despite this, he secretly craves such bonds.

A willing protector, he has a tendency to care far too quickly for those that are kind to him in return. As a result of this quality he now suffers from PTSD, and must be cautious every day to avoid triggers. He now actively avoids walking on sticks, blood, and the color white.

Despite his triggers, he finds that the best way to possibly stop them is by facing them head on. So far, it has only resulted in episodes that leave him incapacitated. He is tired and worn, and he just wants it to end
I'd say let's keep this short, but nah.

Born to parents he knows nothing of, he spent a part of his foal years with his grandmother, Anita. His grandmother was far beyond her years by the time she took young Calyndar in, and it was not long before she passed away in a hidden cave in the middle of the night. leaving her grandson on his own against her will.

Calyndar has remained in the dark cave, resting against the cold body of his grandmother when he was stumbled upon by a couple, David and Anna. Their own child by their sides, they had nudged a frail Calyndar along to follow them, gently coaxing him along by asking him simple questions. This is where Calyndar found his second family. A beginning as much as an end, for the little white filly that was Anna and Davids true blood would come to mean much more than Calyndar realized.

Tawala was her name. Coat a soft white, and hair a lovely cream. The white filly and black colt were inseparable. Always close to one another, and neither ever filled with hate for the other. Calyndar would not realize until it would be time for him to leave to go on his own, but Tawala was the one his heart wanted, even if it was against his own will. She was his sister, not by blood but in bond, and the young man's brain fought with everything it had against that traitorous heart of his. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, and when it has the opportunity, mistakes will follow.

A year after he left his second he saw her again. Like a fine wine, she had only gotten better with age. Seeming even more unreachable now in her grace and beauty. How Calyndar wishes he could have stopped himself now. Knowing what he does, he would do anything to change that encounter. His younger self had wanted a life with her. They were not of the same blood after all. She was disgusted, appalled by the simple notion, their parents hadn't raised them like that she had growled at him, and she was right. They were not Calyndar's biological parents though, he did not even have any to remember by, only a grandmother that he had watched die. She had hit him. One clean cut under his left eye.

The end that his second family brought a metaphorical death instead of a physical one. He was dead to Tawala, and if he had been any more of a monster, Tawala would have been dead by him.

Calyndar knew nothing of monsters though; knew nothing of how he would soon become one - feared and unwanted. Satanael though, that man knew. That man knew he could say just the right things, and it would work for him in the end. He found young Calyndar, heartbroken, angered, lost, and confused. Satanael knew there was no better thing to do than play and have fun. You don't need her, he would say, words honey sweet in their taste and sticky in how they cemented in Calyndar's mind. You don't need any of them, he would continue. Exactly, why would he ever need any who held him from reaching his full potential?

Calyndar found his third family in the dark woods, listening to the sugary sweet words of a black stallion with glowing yellow eyes. Red eyes of the pack of hell hounds followed him as he reached the full potential that Satanael said he had. Another beginning, one Calyndar hoped had a better end.

Then, she appeared one day. Calyndar spying her through the thick trunks of the trees in the woods as his hooves connected with the skull of a fallen horse. Her blue eyes had been piercing, and her white coat unblemished. His coat had been filled with scars and covered in blood. Not being in the area that Calyndar was told to watch and defend, she was save from the savagery that he had become. He had thought that that would be it, but she appeared again, closer this time, asking him to come out. Compared to her, he was nothing nice to look at. Ragged and dirtied, mane and coat filled with burs, his hair unmanaged and horribly unkept. Her though, she had been perfect, and she had stood there in the face of him, a man who she had seen murder another in cold blood, unfazed and confident. Calyndar doesn't know if she was ever scared. Karishia had been her name. An anchor in the roaring sea. his saving grace, his lifeline.

She had persuaded him from those horrible woods that Satanael had said were his home. Told him how Satanael was nothing more than a manipulative murderer, and that Calyndar did not have to be that anymore. He could leave. His heart wanted once more, and he was defenseless when it came to her. Satanael did not give up those he called his so easily though. Calyndar's escape was not without consequences, and so Karishia and he both left with mental scars, a second scar now gleaming under Calyndar's left eye.

the beginning of their escape had been good, wonderful at times even, but despite the manipulative nature that Satanael had used, Calyndar soon began to miss the woods he had called home for so long. This was also when the doubt began to creep in, because what would he be able to do for Karishia, murderer and killer that he was?

They became separated, Calyndar's mind having drifted him away, it was hours before he even realized that Karishia no longer in front of him. He had called out her name for hours with no luck. He's decided that it was for the best, she didn't need weight like him holding her down.

He was alone once more, and when one is one their own for extended periods of time, their minds begin to betray them; playing against them and digging into dark corners. Calyndar was able to handle it in the beginning, but then the flashbacks began to get worse, leaving him immobile and in fear, chest heaving as if he had just run a marathon. It was beyond terrifying, and Calyndar began to find ways to evade these flashing images that seemed to be triggered by a loud crack or the color white. Then he met the crows. Two black, sleek birds who he never learned the names of, and who never learned his in return. Calyndar was slow to let them close, but it was useless to fight the bond that was forming. They helped with keeping the flashbacks away, pecking him when symptoms of an episode began to show. As time passed, Calyndar slowly grew better, though his disease never fully left. The crows stayed with him, but would leave for long periods of time. They always returned though, discarded trinkets clutched between their beaks that they took the liberty to tie and knot into Calyndar's mane. Then one day, the birds never came to the spot they'd said they would meet their black beast at. Calyndar doesn't know what happened to them, but he holds no ill-will towards them, for how could he when they helped him and loved him in a way different from how Karishia had, but still just as strongly? He left after waiting a week, the trinkets in his mane swaying with his hair as he disappeared.

Wandering once more, he stumbled into the Celestial Passage alone and lost. He was led out of the never ending place by a mare who he doesn't remember the name of. Caeleste was another beginning, somewhere for him to forget and hopefully be free. It is also here that he met Edda, a mare of white and blind that he not dared look at in fear of being triggered. Despite her coat though, she was blind and in need of help, so help he did. Letting her do as she wanted with worry for her in the back of his mind. This is when he decided he needed to find a way to help himself, and so he stumbled to the snow covered shrine of Hemanta in a daze in search of a companion. The task was simple, but insecurities plagued him the entire time while he found and tamed the little fox that came to be Flynn.

Flynn at his side, he was caught off guard when Edda found him, speaking of a dream that showed her lost companion. She was off to search, and without hesitating, he followed.

Tier 1:


Tier 2:

ABILITY NAME: Precognition
LEVEL: Intermediate
DESCRIPTION: This is the ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen. As knowledge of the future invariably causes that future to change, visions of the future are subject to frequent shifting. While not being able to select futures or travel through time, these visions may assist in possible courses of action.
OBTAINED: August 13, 2018 [Winter, Year 2] - Blessed by Imbris
NOTES: At the intermediate level, the user will be able to see the possible futures for themselves and those they have a direct connection to. The vision will be vague, though much clearer, and the potential to change will be high - particularly if the user chooses to share what they have seen with another character. After a small amount of use the user will grow fatigued, and the more the future is tampered with, the more severe headaches and nosebleeds may become.

Tier 3:


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Lovers & Kin:


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Companion Animal:

NAME: Flynn
DESCRIPTION: A normal Red Fox with sooty feet and golden eyes. Flynn was gained by visiting the shrine of the Highlands in Caeleste where he was given a quest. Calyndar was tasked with finding Flynn himself in the Silver Pines by using blueberry covered earthworms, who knew?
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