winter, year 3
The Ice Age is over.

Thick ice and continuously falling snow blanket the entirety of Eternal, brought upon by Noc's wrath. Shelter is scarce, and food even scarcer. There is no climate or biome that was lucky enough to find themselves safe from the beginnings of the Ice Age and so the residents of Eternal must don their primal survival instincts and to just that ─ survive. Ice blockages have grown supernaturally between the islands, blocking Sunsteppe from Sol and Eventide from Noc, effectively trapping each islander on whichever island they currently stand. The Dragonfrost and dusk leopards from Gleamleaf and greater boreus deer from Mountainfade have seeped into all of Noc, Eventide's spectors and Sunsteppe's sculptors have overrun the central island, and the wolves, Ice Piskys, and Creeping Thistle have invaded all of Sol.
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10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

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12.6.18 The Ice Age is over, and the deities Helios, Aya and Imbris have been stripped of their powers - as the ice begins to recede, an explosion of stardust and cosmic matter descends from the vast and starlit sky, and with it, new magic ..

10.12.18 Noc has descended from the stars, and the reunion with his children, the three deities, is anything but happy. The whole of Eternal has been plunged into an Ice Age, and it seems that, for now, it's up to the deities to restore the islands. Will they be able to do so quickly enough? Or will the residents of Eternal know suffering because of the mishaps spread between Helios, Imbris, and Aya? For now, ice blockages have been erected between the islands, meaning that everyone is stuck where they currently are. Where is your character? Tell us here.

10.4.18 Whatever unknown thing that invaded the southern territories in the middle of spring has snaked its icy fingers out and enveloped those remaining territories that everyone had believed (or hoped) to be safe. Wolves, Creeping Thistle, Pesky Piskys, Blackrock's river... Not even Sunsteppe is safe from the intrusion, though it appears -- at least for now -- that the Wreckage remains untouched. Perhaps it should be investigated?

9.17.18 Something isn't right. Eternal still refuses to warm, even as we progress through spring and near summer. The southernmost territories have begun to notice some changes: from Greater Boreus Deer in Mountainfade, to Dragonfrost in Gleamleaf; frozen sandstorms in Astraldune, and even icy wraiths in Eventide. What happened? And what can be done to return the islands to normal?

9.2.18 Springtime has come, but the frigid winter still remains, enveloping the three islands in ice, snow and brutal wind. There are no flowers, nor grass - no foliage at all. The animals are beginning to suffer, as they emerge from hibernation or birth their young, struggling to find sustenance. The air is thick with tension, as a wretched and unforgiving storm brews still in the distance - will Eternal find reprieve from the cold?

8.4.18 Round Three of the To Lands of Old quest has been posted! The remaining participants have one week to get their posts in. Good luck and have fun!

7.27.18 Astraldune is under new leadership! In the wake of Solomon's disappearance, Helios has placed Gryffen into leadership!

6.26.18 Helios has appeared in Sunsteppe! What could he be doing there?

6.19.18 With magic from Imbris, Totem has been gifted with a daughter of her own, molded from clay and infused with a piece of her own soul. Make sure to check out the thread here!

6.1.18: Welcome to Summer!

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Cold Manipulation
[T1 - Beginner]
A-S-Y-L-U-M aka Loco



Gold, gold is the color of the eyes that piece the soul as she looks right through you into the depths of your being. Gold is also the color of the jewelry that adorn her ears and nose.

White; white is the color of the base of her mane, tips of her wings, bases of her legs, and of course the spots that define her body. 4 large round spots are on both front shoulders; givving off the appearance of moons. Her snowcapped muzzle is notorious for kissing others with the touch of death. Two spots next to each other on her forehead, and both eyes are encircled with the snowy look.

Blue, deep as the night sky; the darkness which she represents; it covers her entire body and majestic wings as well as the short deer-like tail she sports. As well as the top of her roached mane.

Speaking of night; her body is blessed with the stars; twinkling all over her body. Mostly her wings, torso, and butt.

December is built like a warlander, her legs are thick and sturdy. Sturdy enough to carry her heavy torso. Her wings are huge and fabulous; as though a Gods-- oh; right; they are. While under the appearance of December her wings appear normal. But when she returns to her not-so-well-known goddess form; Morana; her wings extend out even further to become huge and magnificent.

A pagan goddess; beautiful and unique. Slavic in origin. She has an accent and a strong warrior way about her. She loves those she trusts; but she doesn't trust many.

Her rage towards those who had done her wrong fueled her until for so long in her past; she was mostly dark. Although she still has good moments; she has become a mistress of trickery. She is a mass manipulator; especially to those whom she finds attractive. For she will stop at nothing to get her way.

Because of this; The Slavic Goddess of death, winter, and nightmares knew if everyone knew who she was. They would lock her away- or not listen. Because of this; she couldn't risk anyone knowing. Her identity had to remain a secret-- so she came up with another name. Something simple yet not obvious.

December; her favorite month of the year. To mortals, and even other Deities she encountered on her trips she was known as December. None were smart enough to piece together her true identity. It was so obvious it was oblivious.

December is not one to be mistaken though. While she might show her good side at times-- she is not a goddess of light anymore and will not stand for anyone who tries to run her or change her. She knows her power and while she will remain under cover; her fighting skills will be known.

In the beginning; she was a symbol of fertility and all things living. She was wonderful, Plants would blossom at her touch and just being around the grass it would grow. She was a homemaker; a Goddess of goodness and forgiving nature. These were the beginning days though; the mortals took her kindness for granted and began to abuse all that she had given them. They started to disrespect her and all that she stood for. With time she gradually changed; transforming into the opposite.

She began to confront the other Deities and even join in with some in their trickery and games that they played. Her name soon became assosiated with evil, death, and sometimes disease even. Plants began to wilt to the touch and even just the aura of her would cause things to die. This was only the start of the darkness that was to consume the once light goddess.

Soon enough the ice and shadows would begin to creep; consuming everything they touched. Those who slept would be plagued with the darkness in their minds. Sometimes never waking for she would take them as they slept; sending her steeds to terrorize and kill them in horrific nightmares. She became a creature of the night and the cold, darkness and snow didn't bother her. In fact; she grew to love them.

So much that she became a threat to the other gods. So they devised a plan to have her cast into the world hoping she might take her anger out on the mortals instead of them. This was a mistake on the gods parts as they had to watch as Morana would claim the lives of their beloved mortals below. She often made it her point to find demi children and torture them in their dreams.

She once found herself washed upon the shores of Mythos after the land whence she had lived became nothing. She has found herself searching the lands for somewhere to call home. Currently she hasn't found anywhere with snow so she is slowly dying.

As quickly as she was in Mythos; she was gone. As though it had been a dream the whole time. It seemed too real..

Her she was once more; utterly alone and lost.


Tier 1:

ABILITY NAME: Cold Manipulation
LEVEL: Beginner
DESCRIPTION: This is the ability to create, shape, and manipulate cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, ranging from subjective feeling of cool to absolute zero..
OBTAINED: November 5th, 2018 [Autumn, Year 3]
NOTES: At the beginner level, the user may pick two of the three following options: Ice healing, Solidification (to create walls, armor, golems, etc.) Cold Invisibility (the ability to become one with the snow and cold, appearing invisible to the naked eye). The user will fatigue greatly after prolonged use and will fall subject to migraines and nosebleeds if overexerted.

Tier 2:


Tier 3:


Cosmetic Effects:


Immediate Family:


Lovers & Kin:


Companionship & Rivalry:


Companion Animal:

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